Course Prerequisites and Waiver Information

The prerequisites for PSY courses are not unreasonable, as a logical pattern is followed for the various courses in the different fields of Psychology (for example, PSY312H1 – Cognitive Development requires both PSY210H1 – Introduction to Development AND PSY270H1 – Introduction to Cognitive Psychology as part of its prerequisites; all 300/400-level courses require PSY201H1 – Statistics I, as well).  PSY courses do not have CO-requisites In order for a course to be properly taught and understood, instructors depend on their students having and knowing the background material.  

Therefore, the Dept. of Psychology requires that prerequisites be followed at all times otherwise, students will be removed from a course at any time during the academic year if they do not have one or more of the prerequisites.  Please see the current Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar for PSY course listings and their prerequisites.  Knowing what the prerequisites are before you enrol in your courses is your responsibility.  Similar transfer credits from other institutions will be accepted as prerequisites. 


Prerequisites are generally not waived or are done so only in exceptional cases.  These might include extensive professional background in the particular area of Psychology the course covers or a similar/identical course taken at another UofT campus or another institution.  We will not waive prerequisites based on the following reasons: a) you need the course to graduate; b) you need it to be admitted into a graduate program; c) it’s the only one that fits into your schedule; d) you love the instructor and have been desperately trying for two years to take this course; e) the instructor is your research supervisor and suggested you take it; f) you're in your last year and really want to take a course with the instructor; g) it’s in your area of interest; and/or h) you have a really high GPA and can handle the work without the prereqs!  Students are asked not to enrol into courses before seeking a waiver.  


Students who have taken the appropriate prerequisite at another institution must provide a digital copy of their transcript to the department before enrolling into the course and obtain departmental approval.

Please note that PSY100H1 – Introductory Psychology is rarely ever waived as it serves as a basic background and understanding for 200-level Psychology courses.  In addition, PSY201H1 – Statistics I is not to be taken at the same time as any 300/400-level course which requires it as a prerequisite.  PSY201H1 is not a CO-requisite but rather needs to be completed before your senior-level PSY courses. 

Please email transcripts to the Undergraduate Administrator.