Career Options

Graduates with a degree in Psychology can be found working for the federal, provincial and municipal governments; at community health centres; in public health, education and academia; in the medical, industrial and science fields; for pharmaceutical and research institutions; for professional associations, clinics, hospitals, international agencies, information technology firms and consulting companies – in fact, almost anywhere.

Below is a list of some typical careers/jobs that are associated with a psychology degree. The list also included some career options not directly related to the study of psychology. This is not a complete list, but a sampling only of the many possibilities open to you.

Career options with an undergraduate degree in psychology include: 

Academic Advisor

Family Service Worker

Probation Officer

Activity Leader


Program Coordinator

Community Relations Officer

Geriatric Aide

Relief Worker

Corrections Officer

Group Home Worker

Research Assistant

Crisis Worker

Health Educator

Residential Counselor

Employee Welfare Officer

Human Resource Specialist

Volunteer Coordinator

Employment Counsellor

Mental Health Worker

Youth Care Worker


With post-graduate education, career options open to you include:

Art Therapist


Occupational Therapist

Career Counsellor

Life Coach

Physical Therapist


Marital Counsellor



Mental Health Counsellor

Social Services Caseworker

Forensics Specialist

Music Therapist

Social Worker

Guidance Counselor


University Professor


Other career ideas, not directly related to psychology include:  

Alumni Relations Officer

Management Consultant

Recreation Director

Benefits Officer

Market Researcher



Marketing Specialist

Relief Worker

International Student Advisor

Multicultural Consultant


Investment Advisor

Public Relations Consultant