Ebbinghaus Empire


Upcoming Ebbinghaus Empire Events

Winter 2021
January 13 Michael Zeineh  Stanford University
January 27 Dirk Bernhardt-Walther University of Toronto
February 10 Jeff Wammes Queen's University
February 24 Alexis Black University of British Columbia
March 10 Maureen Ritchey Boston College
March 24 Data Blitz University of Toronto


Past Ebbinghaus Empire Events

Winter 2020


January 29    
MIKE ESTERMAN  – Boston/Harvard University 
Title: Neurocognitive models of sustained attention
February 12    
CAMERON ELLIS – Yale University
Title: Infant fMRI - A model system for Cognetive Neuroscience
February 26    
ANNA SCHAPIRO –  University of Pennsylvania
Title: Learning distributed representations in the human brain
March 4    
LAUREN EMBERSON – Princeton University
Title: A developmental perspective on the role of familiar interlocutors in bilingual language separation
March 11    
ERIK WING – Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest
March 18    
BILL HOCKLEY – Wilfrid Laurier University
March 25    

FALL 2020


Nov 18    
MATTHIAS NIEMEIER – University of Toronto
Title: From the Prehension of Objects to the Comprehension of Others: Computational Principles and Neural Mechanisms

Fall 2019

September 18    
September 25    
ALEXA TOMPARY –  University of Pennsylvania
Title: The consequences of consolidation: Transformations in eqisodic memory

October 16    
Title: White matter plasticity
October 30    
SAMUEL RONFARD – University of Toronto Mississauga
Title: Testing what you're told: The Development of the empirical stance
November 13    
STEPHANIE GOODHEW – Australian National University
Title: Emotion and attention: Understanding the mechanisms  
November 20    
WIL CUNNINGHAM – University of Toronto
Title: Social groups, humanization, and social-cognitive economy
November 27    
JENNIFER RABIN – Sunnybrook Research Institute
Title: Using amyloid and tau PET to examine modifiable risk factors in preclinical Alzheimer's disease
December 4    
MIN-SUK KANG –  Sungkyunkwan University
Title: Reduced reliance on working memory with distraction


January 10 
BLAIR ARMSTRONG - University of Toronto
Title: The Temporal Dynamics of Ambiguous Word Comprehension

January 17
MATT FEINBERG - Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto 
Title: The Activist's Dilemma: The Trade-off between Raising Awareness and Recruiting Support

January 31 
MONICA CASTELHANO - Queen's University
Title: The Scene-Object Link: Investigating how scene context does and does not influence processing

February 7 
GEOFF WOODMAN - Vanderbilt University
Title: Using electrophysiology to measure long-term memory and working memory as they control attention trial by trial

February 14 
BLAKE RICHARDS - University of Toronto
Title: Systems consolidation and forgetting - the benefits of easily forgotten memories

February 28 
ADRIAN NESTOR - University of Toronto
Title: Elucidating the pictorial content of visual experience: Insights from image reconstruction

March 14 
MEG SCHLICHTING - University of Toronto
Title: Encoding of interrelated memories across development

March 21
MONIKA MOLNAR - University of Toronto
Title: A developmental perspective on the role of familiar interlocutors in bilingual language separation 

 March 28 YANG XU - University of Toronto
Title: Colexification across languages reflects cognitive economy

April 4 No meeting this week: COLLOQUIUM LECTURE (Speaker: Daphna Shohamy, Columbia University) 
Psychology graduate students & Post-Docs present their research

April 11 


January 18 KAREN CAMPBELL, Psychology Department, Brock University
Title: Finding the aging brain's natural capacity

January 25 ANDY LEE, Psychology Department, University of Toronto at Scarborough  
Title: Hippocampal contributions to approach-avoidance conflict decision-making: what do rodent and human studies tell us?

February 1 CENDRI HUTCHERSON, University of Toronto 
Title: Neurocomputational approaches to self-control in social and non-social contexts

February 8 KEISUKE FUKUDA, University of Toronto
Title: Why can't we remember everything we see? The role of visual working memory in visual long-term memory encoding and anelectrophysiological approach to aid human learning.

February 15 DAVID ANAKI, Bar-Ilan University 
Title: A network perspective of semantic memory: Implications on thought and language

February 22 READING WEEK, No meeting this week

March 1 JAY PRATT, University of Toronto 
Title: Capturing visual attention: The role of objects, ideas, events, and nothing

March 8 MICHAEL MACK, University of Toronto 
Title: The computations, representations, and neural machinery of category learning

TUESDAY March 14 AMIR AMEDI, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Title: An updated view on the origins of cortical selectivity in the Human Brain

March 15 ALLYSON MACKEY, University of Pennsylvania  
Title: Brain development and plasticity: Implications for learning and academic achievement

March 22 JESSICA CANTLON, University of Rochester 
Title: Math, monkeys, and the developing brain

March 29 DEBORAH TALMI, The University of Manchester 
Title: Context at the helm of the emotional modulation of memory

Aedan (Yue) Li (Barense Lab): The impact of mnemonic interference on memory for visual form
Hause Lin (Inzlicht Lab): Do midfrontal theta oscillations and pupil responses track subjective conflict during value-guided choice?
Sarah Mossad (Taylor/Smith Labs): Neural correlates of Theory of Mind in very preterm born children
Julie Sato (Taylor Lab): Exploring functional connectivity networks underlying working memory processes in children born very preterm using MEG
Julia Young (Taylor/Smith Labs): Altered white matter development in children born very preterm
Veronica Yuk (Taylor Lab): Verbal and non-verbal communication in siblings of children with autism

FALL 2017

September 20 DATA BLITZ (with inaugural free pizza) 
Iva Brunec (Barense and Moscovitch Labs): Changes in coarse vs. fine voxelwise representations along the hippocampal anteroposterior axis across the lifespan
Amanda Easson (McIntosh Lab): Defining subtypes of autism spectrum disorder using static and dynamic functional connectivity
Aedan (Yue) Li: (Barense Lab) The creation and validation of a novel circular shape space
Shouyu Ling (Nestor Lab): EEG-Based Visual Word Decoding, Feature Derivation and Image Reconstruction
Alyssa Sinclair (Barense Lab): Surprise destabilizes episodic memories
Watch video of Data Blitz at https://play.library.utoronto.ca/bm_NIDUNn1b3

September 27 MICHAEL INZLICHT, Psychology Department, University of Toronto at Scarborough
Title: From the principle of least effort to the principle of least caring: Insights from the Empathy Selection Task

October 4: No meeting this week - COLLOQUIUM LECTURE 

October 11 JESSICA ROBIN, University of Toronto, Baycrest
Title: Spatial context effects in episodic memory and imagination
Watch video of Jessica Robin talk at https://play.library.utoronto.ca/YCZl1_rAxG0O

October 18 CRAIG CHAMBERS, University of Toronto
Title: Linguistic reference and visual objects: At the intersection of percepts, concepts, and social cognition
Watch video of Craig Chambers talk at https://play.library.utoronto.ca/uwj_Zp6J87K

FRIDAY, October 27 MORTEN CHRISTIANSEN, Cornell University 
Special Friday Lecture
Title: The Now-or-Never Bottleneck: A Fundamental Constraint on Language
Location: Sidney Smith Hall Room 4043
Watch video of Morten Christiansen talk at https://play.library.utoronto.ca/2cleO2LzPCm3

November 1 No meeting this week - COLLOQUIUM LECTURE

November 8 No meeting this week - Reading Week 

November 15 NOAM SIEGELMAN, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Title: Statistical learning as an individual ability 

November 22 SHELBIE SUTHERLAND, University of Toronto
Title: Learning category information across development
Location: Sidney Smith Hall Room 1071
Watch video of Shelbie Sutherland talk at https://play.library.utoronto.ca/ZJ4piDNJi5SZ

November 29 NOA OFEN, Wayne State University
Title: Development of Memory Systems in the Human Brain
Watch video of Noa Ofen talk at https://play.library.utoronto.ca/0MMXw1vlgMv8

December 6 CORY MILLER, University of California San Diego
Title: Neurobiology of Marmoset 'Conversations'
Location: Room 1071, Sidney Smith Hall
Watch video of Cory Miller talk at https://play.library.utoronto.ca/nLvUkQ6hlDFk


January 20 MICHAEL SCHUTZ, McMaster University
Title: Dynamic sounds and perceptual processes: The surprising role of amplitude envelope in auditory perception

January 27 DOUG MUNOZ, Queen's University
TitleUsing the eye movement system to probe brain function and dysfunction across the lifespan


February 3 JOERN DIEDRICHSEN, Western University
Title: The representational structure of complex movements in the human neocortex 


February 10 KATHERINE DUNCAN, University of Toronto
Title: The influence of ongoing cognitive and neural processing on learning and memory 

February 17JENNIFER RYAN, Rotman Research Institute
Title: Seeing what you remember: reconceptualizations of amnesia and oculomotor Hippocampal stakeout: surveilling during search and sleep


February 24 KARI HOFFMAN, York University
TitleHippocampal stakeout surveilling during search and sleep

March 2 KAORI TAKEHARA, University of Toronto
Title: Formation and remodeling of temporal bridges in the medial prefrontal cortex

March 9 RICHARD ASLIN, University of Rochester
Title: Behavioral and neural mechanisms of statistical learning and implicit attention in infants and adults

March 16 AMY FINN, University of Toronto
Title: The sensitive period for language learning: the role of knowledge and memory

March 23 TARAZ LEE, University of Michigan
Title: The costs and benefits of top-down control: The curious case of choking under pressure

March 30 Data Blitz (with free pizza!) NOTE: The data blitz will take place in room 4043 Sidney Smith Hall
Patricia Marshall (Anderson & Barense Labs): Content-specific age-realted effects of recollection and familiarity 
Claudia Damiano (Bernhardt-Walther Lab): Distinct roles of eye movements during memory encoding and retrieval 
Kyra McKelvey (Moscovitch Lab): Schemas and memory: Investigating how prior knowledge and novelty modulate memory for complex events 
Vincent Man (Cunningham Lab): Dissociable processes underlying context-relevant reward processing 
Nathaniel Brown (Inzlicht Lab): Dispositional mindfulness predicts neural responses to faces and affective pictures


FALL 2016

September 21 DATA BLITZ (with inaugural free pizza) 
Chi-Hsun Chang (Lee and Nestor Labs):Memory and perception-based facial image reconstruction
Nick Diamond (Levine Lab)Altered hippocampal-prefrontal oscillatory dynamics supporting associativememory formation in developmental amnesia
Anuya Patil (Duncan Lab)Shifting the balance between pattern separation and pattern completion
Emma Tecwyn (D. Buchsbaum Lab)The influence of social context and causal plausibility on action-sequencecopying by preschoolers, toddlers and capuchins

September 28 DIANE BECK, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title:Learned Statistical Regularities and Natural Scenes

October 5 JOSEF PARVIZI, Stanford University
Title:Localization of Functions in the Human Brain: Insights from intracranial EEG and electrical brain stimulation

October 19 CHRIS MARTIN, Barense Lab, Psychology Department, University of Toronto
Title: Understanding what we see: The representational structure of perceptual and conceptual object information

October 26 MARLA SOKOLOWSKI, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
Title: Unravelling Gene-Environment Interplay on Behaviour

November 2 MARGOT TAYLOR, Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto
Title: Functional and structural brain developments in autism

November 9 IRENE KAN, Villanova University
Title: Memory monitoring, new learning, and cognitive control


November 23 ASAF GILBOA, Rotman Research Institute and University of Toronto
Title: Mechanisms of rapid learning-induced neocortical plasticity independent of the hippocampus 

November 30 ROSIE COWELL, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Title: Recall without hippocampal engagement

December 7 ELIZABETH JOHNSON University of Toronto at Mississauga
Title: She says tah-may-to, he says tah-mah-to: How children learn language in the face of accent variation


January 21 STEVE JOORDENS, Psychology, Scarborough Campus, University of Toronto
Title: Creating Habits of Mind: Can Cognitive Skills like Critical Thought Be Effectively Taught in Any Classroom?

January 28 RYAN WEBB, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto 
Title: Rationalizing Context-Dependent Preferences: Neurobiological Constraints on Decision-Making

February 4 STEFAN KÖHLER Department of Psychology and Brain & Mind Institute, University of Western Ontario
Title: Mechanisms Involved in Assessing the Cumulative Life-Time Exposure to Concepts
LOCATION: Room 560A Sidney Smith Hall

February 11 W. DALE STEVENS, Department of Psychology, York University
Title: What Can Resting-State Functional Connectivity MRI Reveal About Higher-Level Cognition?
LOCATION: Room 560A Sidney Smith Hall

February 18 NO TALK (Reading Week)

February 25 ROBIN GREEN, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Title: Characterization and Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration in Chronic Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

March 4 STEPHANIE DENISON, Psychology, University of Waterloo
Title: The Origins of Inductive Inference in Infancy and Early Childhood

March 11 NO TALK

March 18 DATA BLITZ (with free pizza)
Eric Taylor (Psychology, Pratt Lab): Object-based Attention Depends on Attentional Control Settings 
Zhongxu Liu (Psychology, Moskovitch Lab) "Easily Learned, Easily Remembered" Heuristic has its Neural Foundation
Chris Martin (Psychology, Barense Lab): Distributed Category-specific Memory Signals in Perirhinal Cortex 
Hans Melo (Psychology, Cunningham Lab): Genetic Influences on Exploratory Behavior 
Jackson Liang (Psychology, Barense Lab): Disambiguation of Overlapping Events in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe 
Caspian Sawczak (Psychology, Moscovitch and McAndrews Labs): The Role of Episodic Detail in Altruistic Intentions

FALL 2015

September 30 DATA BLITZ (with free pizza!)  
Yaelan Jung (Bernhardt-Walther Lab): Neural representations of scene categories in prefrontal cortex transcend sensory modalities
Kevin Himberger (Honey Lab): Computational modeling of visually learned temporal sequences in a cortical circuit
Emma Tecwyn (D. Buchsbaum Lab): Probabilistic inference in capuchin monkeys
Marta Wnuczko (Niemeier Lab): Why did it take so long before Brunelleschi's discovery?
Veronica Yuk (Taylor Lab): Timing and location of brain areas involved in cognitive theory of mind in children with autism spectrum disorder
Celia Fidalgo (Barense Lab): Source memory deficits and associated with aging and impaired cognitive status
Fahad Ahmad (B. Buchsbaum Lab): An eye-tracking study of pattern separation in recognition memory 

October 7 SARAH SHOMSTEIN, George Washington University
Title: Structuring Visual Input: Evaluating Representations Influencing Attentional Selection

October 14 KANG LEE, University of Toronto
Title: Little Liars: Development of Verbal Deception in Children

October 21 ROBIN WEST, University of Florida
Title: Self-Regulation and Memory Change
Please note location change for this talk: 248 Lecture Theatre, Galbraith Building, 35 St. George Street

October 28 BRAD BUCHSBAUM, Rotman Research Institute
Title: Neural Reactivation during Mental Replay: Aging, Amnesia, and Individual Differences 

November 4 GILLIAN EINSTEIN, Psychology and Public Health, University of Toronto
Title: Estrogen and Cognition: The Greatest Story Never Told

November 11 ROSANNA OLSEN, Rotman Research Institute
Title: The Relationship Between Eye Movements and Subsequent Recognition: Evidence from Aging an Amnesia

November 18 NEIL COHEN, University of Illinois
Title: The hippocampus, relational memory, and navigating life

November 25 DOUG CRAWFORD, York University
Title: Cellular Basis of Visual Working Memory during Simple Gaze Behaviours

    WINTER 2014

    January 22 LYNN HASHER (Psychology, St. George Campus, University of Toronto and Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest)
    Title: Distraction Regulation and Cognitive Functioning

    January 29 MORRIS MOSCOVITCH (Psychology, St. George Campus, University of Toronto and Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest)
    Title: Episodic Memory: Associations and Transformations

    February 5 TALYA SADEH and JASON OZUBKO (Post Doctoral Fellows, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest) 
    Jason Ozubko Title: Hippocampal Contributions to the Road Less Traveled: Using Google Street View to Examine Remote Spatial Memories in Virtualized Real-World Environments 
    Talya Sadeh Title: The Time of our Lives: Neural Mechanisms Supporting Temporal Organization of Episodic Memory

    February 12 MELANIE COHN (Neuropsychologist, University Health Network and Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: Social Inference Deficits in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Lobectomy: Risk Factors and Neural Substrates

    February 19, 2014, READING WEEK: NO TALKFebruary 26 JAY VAN BAVEL (Psychology, New York University)
    Title: Beyond Intuition and Reason: A Dynamic Approach to Moral Cognition

    March 5 ED ONEIL (Psychology, University of Toronto at Scarborough) and MELANIE SEKERES (Post Doctoral Fellow, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest) 
    Ed Oneil Title: The Role of Perirhinal Cortex in the Perception and Recognition of Faces
    Melanie Sekeres Title: From Neurons to Networks: Brain Activation Predicted by the Transformation Theory of 
    Memory Consolidation

    March 12 DAVID SHORE (Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster University)
    Title: Crossed Hands and Closed Eyes

    March 19 CHRISTOPHER HONEY (Psychology, St. George Campus, University of Toronto) 
    Title: Mapping Brain Networks for Real World Cognition

    March 26 DATA BLITZ 
    Participants: TBA


    FALL 2014

    October 8 DATA BLITZ (with inaugural free pizza) 
    Celia Fidalgo (Psychology, Barense & Lee Labs): Vulnerability to Object Interference in Early MCI 
    Jason Rajsic (Psychology, Pratt Lab): Confirmation Bias in Visual Search 
    Davood Gozli (Psychology, Pratt Lab): Attentional Consequences of Action Performance 
    Iva Brunec (Psychology, Moscovitch & Barense Labs): Time Estimation in Spatial Navigation 
    Hans Melo (Psychology, Anderson & Cunningham Labs): What Can Genes Tell Us About Cognition? Dopamine-Related Influences on Intertemporal Choice 
    Sol Sun (Psychology, Ferber & Cant Labs): Attentional Scope Modulates Unconscious Processing 
    Amanda Easson (Psychology, Doesburg & Taylor Labs): Patterns of Neural Connectivity During A Socially Relevant Inhibition Task in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    October 15 DIRK BERNHARDT-WALTHER, Psychology, St. George Campus, U. of T. 
    Title: Which Features Do People Use to Categorize Natural Scenes?

    October 22 AARON S. BENJAMIN, Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
    Title: The Processes and Process “Dissociations” of Recognition Memory: A new view on memory deficits associated with aging

    October 29 NORMAN FARB, Psychology, University of Toronto at Mississauga 
    Title: Being in the Body: Meditation, Interoceptive Awareness and Health

    November 5 DONNA ROSE ADDIS, Psychology, The University of Auckland
    Title: Constructive Memory: False Pasts and Fictional Futures

    November 12 BEN HUTCHINSON, Psychology, Princeton University
    Title: The Role of Attention in Creating and Retrieving Memories

    November 19 NO MEETING

    November 26 DAPHNA BUCHSBAUM, Psychology, St. George Campus, U. of T.
    Title: How Do You Know That? Learning from Social Informants

    December 3 JANICE CHEN, Psychology, Princeton University
    Title: Reinstatement of Neural Patterns During Narrative Recall

    WINTER 2013 

    January 30:  
    NICOLE ANDERSON (Psychiatry and Psychology, University of Toronto and Rotman Research Institute)
    Title: Current Research in the "other" Anderson lab
    ANDREE-ANN CYR (Supervisor: Nicole Anderson, Psychology, St. George Campus and Rotman Research Institute) 
    Title: Learning from one's mistakes: Effects of age and error processing 
    EMMA GUILD (Supervisor: Nicole Anderson, Psychology, St. George Campus and Rotman Research Institute) 
    Title: Priming and recognition are not independent: Encoding modulates the interplay between behavioural priming and recognition processes 

    February 6 RUSSELL SCHACHAR (Hospital for Sick Children; Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Research and Fellowship Training in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Toronto ) 
    Title: The Role of Cognitive Neuroscience in Genetic Discovery in Neuropsychiatric Disorders 

    February 13 KRISTOFFER ROMERO (Psychology, St. George Campus and Rotman Research Institute) 
    Title: The Work Horse of the Future: The Role of the Hippocampus in Constructing Future Events

    February 27 SIGNY SHELDON (Rotman Research Institute) 
    Title: Why do we remember? The functions and processes of autobiographical memory 

    Topic: Brain Plasticity and Neurorehabilitation 
    For information, see http://research.baycrest.org/conference 

    March 13 SANDRA TREHUB (Psychology, Mississauga Campus, U. of T.) 
    Title: Musical Beginnings 

    March 20 MIKE ROSS (Psychology, University of Waterloo) 
    Title: Are Research Findings on Cognitive Aging Reflected in Everyday Performance? 

    March 27 IGOR GROSSMAN (Psychology, University of Waterloo) 
    Title: Learning from Solomon's Folly: Wisdom  and Perspective-Taking 

    April 3 Fergus Craik (Senior Scientist, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Centre 
    Title: Bilingualism: Consequences for Mind and Brain 

    April 10 ELIZABETH PAGE-GOULD (Psychology, Scarborough Campus, U. of T.)
    Title: Workshop on Bayesian Hypothesis Testing
    RSVP required

    FALL 2013

    October 2 DATA BLITZ (with inaugural free pizza) 
    > Jessica Arsenault, Title: Multivoxel pattern analysis of phonetic features during speech perception 
    > April Au: Title: The role of estrogen on cognitive functioning
    > Alina Guna, Title: Visual interference affects the formation of conjunctive representations 
    > Kyra McKelvey, Title: Place cells and the compression of time; bridging the gap between rats and humans 
    > Rachel Newsome: Title: Retroactive cues differentially benefit visual working memory in mild cognitive impairment patients
    > Jessica Robin: Title: Who, What, Where? Effects of context on memory for imagined events

    October 9 ALISON PRESTON (Psychology, University of Texas at Austin) 
    Title: Medial Temporal Lobe and Prefrontal Contributions to the Formation of Memory Networks
    Location: 4043 (Psychology Lounge), Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street   

    October 16 VICTORIA MCLELLAND and RYAN STEVENSON (Psychology, St. George Campus, U of T) 
    Victoria McLelland Title: Memory for the Future: The Encoding and Phenomenology of Episodic Simulations
    Ryan Stevenson Title: Perceptual Binding Across Sensory Modalities in Autism Spectrum Disorders

    October 23 JENNIFER STEEVES (Psychology, York University) 
    Title: Living with One Eye: Plasticity in Visual and Auditory Systems 

    October 30 JAY PRATT (Psychology, St. George Campus, U of T) 
    Title: How Hand Position Influences Visual Processing

    November 6 MARY PAT McANDREWS (Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network) 
    Title: The Hippocampus and Retrieval of Autobiographical Memories: The left and right and anterior and posterior of it

    November 13 KARL HEALEY (Psychology, University of Pennsylvania) 
    Title: The Nature and Sources of lndividual and Age Differences in Episodic Memory

    November 20 SHAYNA ROSENBAUM (Psychology, York University) 
    Title: Hippocampal Contributions to Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Episodic and Semantic Memory

    November 27 JONATHAN CANT (Psychology, Scarborough Campus, U. ofT.) 
    Title: Exploring the Functional Representation in Object and Scene-Selective Regions of Human Visual Cortex

    WINTER 2012

    January 11 SARA SHETTLEWORTH (Psychology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: Modularity, Comparative Cognition, and Human Uniqueness

    January 18 CANCELLED 

    January 25 KELLY MURPHY (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre; Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: The influence of experimental research on behavioural intervention for mild cognitive impairment

    February 1 JONATHAN FREEDMAN (Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: How Do We Manipulate This? How Do We Measure That?

    February 8 NINA MAZAR (Marketing, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto) 
    Title: Genetic and Environmental Influences on Morality

    February 15 DATA BLITZ: Psychology Graduate Students and Post-Docs Present Their Research  

    -   Mike Armson, Levine lab, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre: The effects of memory remoteness on recall and recognition: development of a novel measure of naturalistic memory 
    -   Tracey Herlihey, Ferber lab, Psychology: Walking trajectories in patients with Unilateral Neglect: insights from healthy controls
    -   Lok-Kin Yeung, Barense lab, Psychology: Recognition Memory Impairments Caused by Novel Objects Falsely Recognized as Familiar 
    -   Carson Pun, Ferber lab, Psychology: In and Out of Consciousness: Sustained Electrophysiological Activity Reflects Individual Differences in Perceptual Awareness
    -   Joan Ng, Hasher lab, Psychology: Semantic Interference Resolution in Memory: Suppression of Competing Information
    -   Tim Koscik, Anderson lab, Psychology: Trust in 191 Brain Damaged Patients
    -   Rosanna Olsen, Ryan lab, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre: Eye-movements during the maintenance of spatial information         

    February 29 DONALD STUSS (President & Scientific Director, Ontario Brain Institute; Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: The Real World of Science Outside the Lab: The Ontario Brain Institute Odyssey

    March 7 EVE DE ROSA (Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: The Yin and Yang of Attention

    March 14 CHERYL GRADY (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre; Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: The Importance of Being Variable: Understanding Variability in Brain Activity and why it Matters
    Note Location Change: Room 560A, Ground Floor, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street 

    March 21 SYLVAIN MORENO (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre; Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: Brain Plasticity from Perception to Cognition: The Role of Video Games in Altering Brain Function 


    FALL 2012 

    October 3 KRISTIE DUKEWICH (Psychology, St. George Campus, U. of T.) 
    Title: A lamb in sheep's clothing: Attempts and failures to connect inhibition of return and habituation 

    October 10 DATA BLITZ (with inaugural free pizza) 

    -  Marta Wnuczko (Psychology, Kennedy & Niemeier Labs, U. of T.) 
    “Mirror image arm used in visual and blindfolded pointing” 
    -  Jessica Robin (Psychology, Moscovitch Lab, U. of T.) 
    “Common and distinct neural networks for episodic and spatial memory” 
    -  Rachel Newsome (Psychology, Barense Lab, U. of T.) 
    “Minimizing interference improves recognition memory performance in amnesia” 
    -  Susan Gillingham (Psychology, Alain Lab, U. of T.) 
    “Auditory Search: The Deployment of Attention is a Complex Auditory Scene" 
    -  Alex Daros (Psychology, Ruocco Lab, U. of T.) 
    “Emotion perception in Borderline Personality Disorder” 
    -  Tarek Amer (Psychology, Hasher & Grady Labs, U. of T.) 
    "Cognitive Functioning in Older Professional Musicians"

    October 24 JEFF ZACKS (Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis) 
    Title: Event perception, cognitive control, and memory 

    October 31 DAVOOD GHARA GOZLI (Psychology, St. George Campus, U. of T.) 
    Title: What Visual Attention Can Reveal About Concept Representation 
    Location: 560A (Ground Floor), Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street 

    November 7 MORGAN BARENSE (Psychology, St. George Campus, U. of T.) 
    Title: Perceiving, remembering, and resolving interference: Joined by a common representational thread? 

    November 14 WIL CUNNINGHAM (Psychology, St. George Campus, U. of T.) 
    Title: Emotional States from Affective Dynamics 

    November 21 SPIKE LEE (Rotman School of Management, U. of T.) 
    Title: Psychological consequences of embodied and metaphorical thinking: Empirical properties and theoretical implications 

    November 28 ANDY LEE (Psychology, Scarborough Campus, U. of T.) 
    Title: Recognition memory, brain connectivity and cognitive training 

    December 5 TAYLOR SCHMITZ (Psychology, St. George Campus, U. of T.) 
    Title: Attentional filtering in young and older adulthood 

    WINTER 2011

    January 12 ASAF GILBOA (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest)
    Title: Can the neocortex rapidly learn Tenrecas? Evidence from lesion, neuroimaging and behavioral studies of “Fast Mapping" 

    January 19 NIGEL GOPIE (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest)
    Title: Memory’s role in our social interactions

    January 26 TOMÁŚ PAUS (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest)
    Title: Hormones and faces 

    February 2 MARGARET McKINNON (St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton)
    TItle: Effects of affective dysregulation on autobiographical memory and social cognition in patients with neuropsychiatric illness

    February 9 BRIAN LEVINE (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest) 
    Title: Cognition, reserve, and rehabilitation in patients with damage to distributed brain systems

    February 16 JORDAN POPPENK (Princeton University)
    Title: Ebbinghaus was right: the familiarity bonus in memory and its neural mechanisms

    February 23 READING WEEK (no meeting)

    March 2 JESSICA GRAHN (MRC, Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK)
    Title: The role of motor areas in musical rhythm and beat perception

    March 9 MARY PAT McANDREWS (Neuropsychology Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital)
    Title: Changes in autobiographical memory networks as a consequence of hippocampal dysfunction or excision

    March 16 ELIZABETH HAMPSON (Psychology, University of Western Ontario)
    Title: Estrogen and working memory

    March 23 DATA BLITZ


    April 6 ROBERT WEISBERG (Temple University) (TALK CANCELLED)
    April 6 DATA BLITZ (with traditional pizza) (NOW SCHEDULED)

    CHARLES GROSS (Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Princeton University)
    Title: Tales in the History of Neuroscience: Three Neuroscientists Who Were Before Their TIme
    Dr. Gross's talk will take place in Sidney Smith Hall, Room 560A (on the ground floor)

    FALL 2011

    September 28 DATA BLITZ (with inaugural free pizza)

    October 5 STEPHANIE GOODHEW (Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: On the fate of visual stimuli masked by object substitution 

    October 12 DAVID MANDEL (Defence Research and Development Canada-Toronto) 
    Title: Framing, Language, and Reason 

    October 19 TIMOTHY WELSH (Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto) 
    Title: The way two complete a task and learn from each other: Attention and action in social movement contexts 

    October 26 JED MELTZER (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre) 
    Title: Language and the three halves of the brain 

    November 2 KEITH OATLEY (Human Development & Applied Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: Six reasons why the psychology of fiction is important for psychology generally 

    November 9 ADAM ANDERSON (Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: The Positive Neuroscience Project (PNP)

    November 16 KAREN CAMPBELL (Psychology, University of Toronto) 
    Title: Age differences in attentional control: Implications for associative memory 

    November 23 JASON OZUBKO (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre) 
    Title: Is cued recall really superior to free recall? Item-specific cues improve the accuracy of guesses but provide no true memory benefit 

    November 30 LIXIA YANG (Psychology, Ryerson University) 
    Title: The self-reference effect in emotional memory: Spontaneous or effortful mnemonic benefits? 

    December 7 CAROL GREENWOOD (Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto) 
    Title: The fattening of America: Cognitive implications 

    WINTER 2010

    Jan. 27 JENNIFER CAMPOS (iDAPT, Toronto Rehabilitation Inst. Toronto) (Adjunct Member, Centre for Vision Research, York Univ.) 
    “Multisensory self-motion perception in real and virtual environments” 

    Feb. 3 DAVID SHERRY (Psychology, University of Western Ontario) 
    “Memory for past and future outcomes in food-storing birds” 

    Feb. 10 RHODRI CUSACK (MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences, Univ. Cambridge, U.K.) 
    “Using dynamically adaptive imaging to characterise the representations underlying perception, imagery and short-term memory” 

    Feb. 24 GREG WEST & JAY PRATT (U of T – St. George) 
    “Evolutionary influences on the prioritization of visual stimuli” 

    Mar. 03 STEVEN FRANCONERI (Northwestern University) 
    “Visual spatial relationship representation as a sequence of attentional shifts” 

    Mar. 10 MICHAEL INZLICHT (U of T - Scarborough) 
    “Regulatory fatigue: Neurophysiological evidence that initial acts of control affect subsequent control and emotion” 

    Mar. 17 LYNN NADEL (Psychology, University of Arizona) 
    ”Hippocampus and memory” 

    Mar. 24 MONICA CASTELHANO (Psychology, Queen’s University) 

    Mar. 31 SARA SHETTLEWORTH & ADAM ANDERSON (U of T – St. George ) 
    “Darwinian themes in contemporary psychology” 

    Apr. 07 JENNIFER RYAN (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest) 
    ”Memory binding in aging and amnesia: Deficits and avenues to remediation” 

    “Documentary film (2009) about the life and work of Eric Kandel” 


    FALL 2010

    September 29 DATA BLITZ (with inaugural free pizza)

    October 6 LEE RYAN (University of Arizona)
    Title: Understanding age-related compensation: Varying task demands in source, associative memory, and semantic memory

    October 13 NICHOLAS RULE (Psychology Department, St. George Campus, University of Toronto)
    Title: The cognitive neuroscience of first impressions

    October 20 JAMES BROCKMOLE (University of Notre Dame) 
    Title: Attention, memory, and scene processing

    October 27 NATHAN ROSE (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest) 
    Title: A processing approach to the working memory/long-term memory distinction: Evidence from the levels-of-processing span task 

    November 3 BRADLEY BUCHSBAUM (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest)
    Title: A comparison of brain activation during perception and vivid remembering of  movies

    November 10 MARTIN WOJTOWICZ (Department of Physiology, University of Toronto)
    Title: Role of adult-born hippocampal neurons in proactive and retroactive interference. Evidence from animal experiments

    November 17 CLAUDE ALAIN (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest)
    Title: The auditory 'what' and 'where in humans: 10 years later

    November 24 JOANNE ROVET (Pediatrics and Psychology, University of Toronto)
    Title: Prenatal contributions to atypical hipposcampal development: Studies of early thyroid hormone deprivation and fetal alcohol exposure in adolescents

    December 1 YOAV KESSLER (Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest)
    Title: Working memory updating

    Jan. 21 JAY PRATT (Psychology, U of T – St. George) 
    “Orienting and responding: Examining varieties of attention” 

    Jan. 28 BRIAN LEVINE (Rotman Research Institute-Baycrest Centre) 
    “Dissociating elements of autobiographical memory with neuropsychology and neuroimaging” 

    Feb. 04 ROBIN GREEN (Clinical Neuropsychology, Toronto Rehab) 
    “Recent findings from the traumatic brain injury recovery study at Toronto Rehab: Mechanisms of recovery and post-recovery decline” 

    Mar. 04 ANDREEA DIACONESCU (Rotman Research Inst-Baycrest Centre) PART I 
    YUNJO LEE (Rotman Research Inst-Baycrest Centre) PART II 
    PART I “What” and “where” preparatory task sets in auditory and visual system: behavioural and neural correlates” 
    PART II “Deficits in face and object processing in normal aging and developmental prosopagnosia: behavioural and fMRI studies” 

    Mar. 11 KARI HOFFMAN (Psychology, York University) 
    “Face processing in the monkey using behavioral, electrophysiological, and fMRI techniques”

    Mar. 18 DOUGLAS GARRETT (Rotman Research Institute-Baycrest Centre) 
    ”The importance of brain variability ” 

    Mar. 25 MARY PETERSON (Psychology, University of Arizona) 
    ”Inhibitory competition and context effects in Figure-Ground Perception” 

    Apr. 01 NASEEM AL-AIDROOS (U of T- St. George) PART 1 
    STEPHEN EMRICH (U of T – St. George) PART 11 
    ”Interactions between working memory and visual attention” 

    Apr. 08 TOM SCHWEIZER (Neurosurgery, St. Michael’s Hospital) 
    ”Cognitive contributions from the brain’s basement