Susanne Ferber



Fields of Study


Dr. Ferber completed a Ph.D. at the University of Osnabruck, followed by a PostDoctoral fellowship at the University of Western Ontario.  She joined the faculty at The University of Toronto in 2002, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2008 and Full Professor in 2014.  She is currently the Chair of the Department of Psychology and has received a number of awards and honours including an Early Researcher Award from the Province of Ontario and a Fellowship Award from the German American Academic council.

Her research program is focused on the cognitive and neural mechanism underlying the awareness of perception and comprises diverse methodological approaches including investigation of cognitive impairments in neurological patients (i.e. patients with Spatial Neglect), and fMRI and EEG imaging studies. Dr. Ferber has published over 70 papers in the field of cognitive neuroscience.