Molly Metz

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream


Fields of Study


Dr. Molly Metz is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. After studying Psychology, Music, and Women's Studies at Otterbeing University in Ohio, she received her PhD in Social Psychology (with a certificate in College & University Teaching) from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Metz's research interests address interpersonal processes of attraction and social support: What type of support is most effective, and does this depend on the context in which it is provided? Who is best equipped to provide highly responsive support? Are these processes moderated by individual differences, like sex, gender roles, or attachment style? She is currently engaged in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research, particularly on teacher, classroom, and assignment factors that affect student intrinsic motivation for discovery. Dr. Metz has received multiple awards and commendations for her teaching, including the Wilbert J. McKeachie Teaching Excellence Award from the Society for Teaching Psychology (APA Division 2). At UofT, she teaches the undergraduate statistics and research methods courses as well as upper-level courses in social psychology of emotion, gender, and close relationships.

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