Margot Taylor

Professor, Cross-appointed from Department of Paediatrics


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • frontal lobe and executive function development
  • effect of emotions on face processing and attention
  • neuroimaging in preterm neonates and prediction of outcome


Dr. Taylor's research investigates the neural bases of cognitive development. Areas of study include development of frontal lobe or executive functions and social cognition using various protocols adapted for children. Current studies use functional MRI and MEG, as well as structural MRI, and include normative series and clinical populations (children with autism and children born very preterm. The research will determine the neural bases, temporal and spatial aspects of the development of abilities, including emotional recognition, working memory, inhibition, set-shifting, and how these cognitive skills emerge with typical and atypical development. Dr. Taylor's research also involves following very preterm born infants from birth to determine the impact of very early brain development on later cognitive outcome.

*Dr. Taylor is no longer accepting graduate students.