Below you will be able to access a list of our current graduate courses and timetable. You will also be able to access past graduate course and timetable listings.

Please note the following procedure for students registered in other programs within SGS who wish to enrol in Psychology graduate content courses (PSY1200, PSY1210, PSY1500 and all PSY5000-level courses):

1. Students should obtain permission to enrol from the instructor of the course.

2. Students should send a copy of this email approval to Kathleen Cook, Graduate Program Administrator, at

3. Students should add the course on Acorn (both Fall and Winter term courses) as of the first day of classes (Monday, September 9).

4. Students should have their home unit approve their enrolment in the course (if status is 'REQ', home unit needs to approve enrolment).

5. Psychology will then approve their enrolment (when status is 'INT') in the course (we do not require SGS' Add/Drop Course form).