Missed Tests and Exams

Every course has its own missed test policy. Some instructors will re-weight your term mark while others may schedule a make-up test for you. Please consult your course syllabus or contact your instructor to find out what you should do if you miss a term test.

While missed test policies may vary from course to course and instructor to instructor, in each and every case you will have to have a medical doctor fill out a Verification of Student Illness or Injury (VOI).  Once this is filled out you have up to a week from the date of the test to submit it to your instructor or TA. If the reason you missed the test was not medical in nature, you will have to speak directly with your instructor regarding what documentation is required.

If you cannot get a hold of your instructor or TA for whatever reason, by all means bring in the VOI form to the main Psychology office in Sidney Smith Hall, room 4020 before the week is up. It will be time-stamped and given to your instructor promptly. 

If you miss a Faculty final exam, you will need to file a petition and provide adequate documentation at your College Registrar's Office to write a deferred exam at a later period. For more information on petitons and deferred exams please refer to the current Faculty of Arts and Science calendar or contact your College.