Individual Projects - PSY 405/406

The Individual Project is an intensive laboratory or applied research project for students who wish training or exposure complementary to that provided for by the regular course offerings.  This course is open to all Psychology students (Minors, Majors, and Specialists), as well as non-Psychology students.  As the course is called "Individual Projects", please note that group projects will not be permitted.  It is the student's responsibility to obtain the prior consent of a supervisor from the Department of Psychology to closely observe and then to evaluate the project; and to initiate all other necessary preparations before the session starts.Please note that your supervisor must be a full-time, tenured-stream faculty member within the Dept. of Psychology and cannot be from another Faculty or department, a graduate student, or from one of the affiliated hospital.A list of our faculty members can be found here.

If you have never done an Individual Project before, the code will bePSY 405H1orPSY 405Y1.  If you have already completed a PSY 405H1/Y1, your project will be aPSY 406H1orPSY 406Y1.


The number of weekly hours to be spent on the project is negotiated with the project supervisor, but typically is in the range of 8-10 hours.  Individual Projects can be half-courses or full-courses (except in the summer months, where the weighting is always worth a half-credit).  Half-courses may be completed in the first or second term OR may stretch all year long (i.e., PSY 405H1Y).  Projects can also be done during the summer months. If your project is to run over the course of the fall term only, you should be prepared to hand in your final assignment by early-December.  For projects that start in the fall but run until the spring or for those started in January, final assignments should be handed in to your supervisor by early-April.  Summer projects should be completed by early-August.

Please accurately and realistically assess (with your supervisor) the time you will need to complete this project. Do not put an "F" if you can’t finish the project by December (putting "Y" would be a better choice). Furthermore, don’t start a project in January unless you are completely certain that you will finish it by April (you cannot start a "Y" in January).  Summer courses are always listed as "Y" in length but "H" in weight (i.e., PSY 405H1Y).  Whether your full-year project is worth an "H" or a "Y" is determined by the supervisor.  To obtain the equivalent of a full-course credit from your project (i.e., PSY 405Y1), it has to be academically demanding and time-intensive enough to warrant a full-credit.  Please discuss this with your supervisor. If you are doing a year-long project but your supervisor doesn’t feel that the amount of time/work you will be doing warrants a "Y", then you would enrol into an "H" (i.e., PSY 405H1).


The prerequisites include PSY 202H1 – Statistics II (or its equivalent) and appropriate background for the proposed work (i.e., a course in Development if doing a project in that area of Psychology).  If you do not have PSY 202H1 or equivalent course, you can still do an Individual Project as long as your supervisor is aware of it and is confident that the project will not require advanced statistical analysis.


A project proposal must be prepared demonstrating that there will be adequate supervision, and that the work will be academically demanding, of substantial magnitude, and uniquely suitable for the student.  A significant written component is required of all 400-level courses in the Faculty of Arts & Science, therefore a final paper must be a part of the marking scheme.

The proposal should include a description of the method of evaluation of the work and, once signed by both student and supervisor, is to be submitted to the Undergraduate Administrator for approval.  Once approval has been received, the project will be added to your list of academic activities on ROSI. Students do not enrol themselves into an Individual Project on the SWS.  Please make sure you have enough space on your timetable to be added to this course BEFORE handing in the proposal.

Click PDF iconhere to download the proposal form.

Proposal Due Date

Proposals are due by the first week of September for a fall start, or the first week of January if you're starting in the winter.  If you’re doing a summer project, please submit it by the first week of May.  Please make sure to photocopy your proposal for your records.  Also make sure to check ROSI within two weeks of handing your proposal in to ensure that it has been added to your student record.  If it does not appear on your timetable, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator immediately.