José N. Nobrega



Fields of Study


Dr. José N. Nobrega is a Senior Scientist and Head of the Behavioural Neurobiology Lab in the Research Imaging Centre in the Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute at CAMH. He is a Professor with the departments of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Pharmacology at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Nobrega's research is aimed at mapping changes in specific brain areas as well as the neuroanatomical pathways and chemical mechanisms involved in neuropsychiatric disorders. Visualization and quantification of neurochemical processes are used in preclinical models to provide insight into how the brain functions in normal and abnormal states. Dr. Nobrega’s lab is currently investigating a number of areas including: brain changes associated with depressive-type states, addictive behaviours and movement disorders; mechanisms of action of successful antidepressant interventions, particularly deep brain stimulation; brain processes associated with stress and stress-related behaviours; and mechanisms of action of antipsychotic drugs, including their side-effects.