Selected Publications


Einstein, G. (2007) Sex and the Brain: A Reader, MIT Press. [edited with authored introduction to each section of papers commenting on the relationship of the experiments to each other and their contribution to the field of hormones and behavior.]


Articles Refereed:

Skotko, B., E. A. Kensinger, J. J. Locascio, G. Einstein, D. Rubin, L. Tupler, A. Krendel, and S. Corkin (2004) Puzzling thoughts for HM: can new semantic information be anchored to old semantic memories? Neuropsychol. 18.756-769.

Skotko, B., E. Andrews, and G. Einstein (2005) Language and the medial temporal lobe: evidence from H.M.'s spontaneous discourse. J. Mem. Lang. 53:397-415.

Einstein, G. (2008) From body to brain: Considering the neurobiological effects of female genital cutting. Persp. Biol. Med. 51:84-97.

Einstein, G. and Shildrick, M. (2009) The post-conventional body: Re-theorizing women's health. Soc. Sci. & Med. 69:293-300.


Articles Non-refereed:

Einstein, G. (2008) Sex: Does it Gotta be This or That? idea&s. 5(1):26-31.

Einstein, G. and O.J. Flanagan (2003). Sexual Identities and Narratives of Self. In: Narrative and Consciousness: Literature, Psychology, and the Brain (eds., G. D. Fireman, T. E. McVay, Jr., and O. J. Flanagan). New York: Oxford University Press, 209-231.

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