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  Kristoffer Romero
  PhD. Candidate,
University of Toronto (Present)
  M.A., Psychology University of Toronto (2008)
  BSc., Psychology University of Toronto (2007)

At some point during undergrad, I became utterly fascinated with the brain and cognition. I wanted to research and understand the fundamental processes underlying memory, and also to apply those findings within a clinical context. So, right now I am a grad student doing research and training to be a clinician..


My research interests include the reconstructive processes of memory. We know that memory is not a literal replay of previously re-experienced events, but rather, is reconstituted based on the details we can recall. Specifically, I am interested in the processes that underlie memory construction, and how they relate to memory disturbances in patients and in normal aging. I also have secondary interests in cognitive rehabilitation, and the interplay of personality variables on memory..



Romero, K., & Moscovitch, M. (in press). Episodic Memory and Event Construction in Aging and Amnesia. Journal of Memory and Language [Epub ahead of print].

Nussbaum, D., Honarmand, K., Govoni, R., Kalahani-Bargis, M., Bass, S., Ni, X., Laforge, K., Burden, A., Romero, K., Basarke, S., Courbasson, C., Deamond, W. (2011). Journal of Gambling Studies, 27(4), 523-63.

Erb, S., Kayyali, H., & Romero, K. (2006). A study of the lasting effects of cocaine pre-exposure on anxiety-like behaviors under baseline conditions and in response to central injections of corticotropin-releasing factor. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, 85(1), 206-213.

In Progress

Romero, K., & Moscovitch, M. (In preparation). The contributions of long-term memory and working memory to the construction of mental representations.

Romero, K., Courbasson, C., Polsinelli, A., & Nussbaum, D. (in prep). Neuropsychological contributions to symptomatology in eating disordered patients.

Romero, K., & Moscovitch, M. (submitted). Putting memory to work: LTM and the construction of mental representations.

Sheldon, S., Romero, K., & Moscovitch, M. (In preparation). The role of the medial temporal lobes in divergent thinking and creativity.

Sheldon, S., Romero, K., & Moscovitch, M. (Submitted). Thinking Freely: The Hippocampus Contributes to Performance on a Free Association Task.


Published abstracts

Burden, A., Romero, K., Petrovic, A., Basarke, S., Endersby, L., & Nussbaum, D. (2007). Decision-making in cognitive and motivated/emotional tasks in university students grouped by Levensons primary and secondary psychopathy scales. Canadian Psychology, 48(2a), 56.


Romero, K., Courbasson, C., Polsinelli, A., & Nussbaum, D. Neuropsychological contributions to symptomatology in eating disordered patients. Presented at the annual CPA convention, June 11-13, 2009. Montreal, Que.

Endersby, L., Basarke, S, Petrovic, A., Romero, K., Burden, A., & Nussbaum, D. Primary and Secondary Psychopathy Traits Interact: Hormones and Personality. Presented at the 115th annual APA convention, August 20, 2007, San Francisco, Ca.

Conference Posters

Romero, K., & Moscovitch, M. Working Memory and Long-Term Memory Retrieval Requirements During Event Imagination. To be presented at the 51st Annual Meeting of The Psychonomics Society, November 19, 2010. St. Louis, MO.

Romero, K., Nussbaum, D., Petrovic, A., Endersby, L., LaForge, K., Honarmand, K., Obeng-Kingsley, E. Hormonal contributions to decision-making in a nonclinical sample. Poster presented at the 4th annual Southern Ontario Behavioural Decision Research Conference, May 16, 2008, Waterloo, Ontario.


Teaching Assistant (University of Toronto)

PSY312: Cognitive Development (Spring 2009)

PSYC33: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (Spring 2007-2009)

PSYB65: Human Neuropsychology (Fall 2008, 2009)

PSYC62: Drugs & the Brain (Spring 2008)

Guest Lecturer (University of Toronto)

PSYC33: Rehabilitation of Attention (Spring 2009)


2009-2011 NSERC CGS D

2007-2009 NSERC PGS M

2007 Helen Sawyer Hogg Admission Award

2004-2005 University of Toronto In-course Scholarship

2004 NSERC Undergraduate Research Award

2003-2006 Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship


2010: Neuropsychology practicum, West Park Health Centre

2008-present Clinical extension program, neuropsychology stream

2005-2006 Psychometrist, Dept. of Psychology, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care. Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation of clients with memory disorders.


International Neuropsychological Society

Canadian Psychological Association

Golden Key International Society


Too legit to quit.

Languages: English  
Citizenship: Canadian